Introduction: Easy Pendulum Decorater (rangoli Designer)

Well i wanted to decorate my house.

But i am a lazy guy.

While i was studing about physics, I also read about a simple pendulum. I got an amazing idea of making a pendulum that can design rangolies(also known kolam).


An old P.E.T. BOTTLE;

Threads or Wires;

Dry colours;

A support like a ceiling

Step 1: Make a Small Hole in the Cap

Make a small hole in the cap, this would allow the colour to come out of it when the bottle, when hanged like a pendulum.

Step 2: Hanging Mechanism for the Pendulum

In order to hang the bottle, I attached a copper wire to it. Then, I hanged the pendulum by attaching a string to the hanging mechanism.

Step 3: Testing the Pendulum

Now, fill some dry colour to it and hang it somewhere with a support. Then, let the pendulum move in a circular motion.
You would be able to make a nice rangoli.

I am really sorry for the bad quality photoes.