DIY Easy PCB Holder(easy)

Introduction: DIY Easy PCB Holder(easy)

This is really an amazing and easy project for everyone. built under $2.

you can also makesome of ypour own modifications.

really easy!


super glue

bolts x2 (any size)

nuts x4(two for each bolts)

a piece of cardboard or plastic sheet(for base of the PCB holder)

Step 1: Fix Bolts With a Base

you can see that i fixed the bolts with the base using super glue and kept the distance between them about

2 inches.

Step 2: Adding Nuts

To complete the holder, add nuts to it. kep them at same height to avoid any error whire soldering.

Step 3: Testing

Itested the stand and found it easy to use.

thank you.

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    2 years ago

    Nice idea.
    A stronger base, like a board of wood will make it much more stable and safe.
    Also some washers would help too.


    Tip 2 years ago

    Some washers between the nuts would increase the grip, you could make some in plastic if you were worried about damaging the circuit board at all. Also I'd be tempted to use a heavier base for stability