Introduction: DIY Jar With Hidden Copartment

This is an amazing DIY

project based on glass jar and easy to make. Follow the easy 5 steps instructables.

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You require the

following :-

A glass jar,

Acrylic colors,



Pipe(for making hidden compartment),

Hot Glue Gun,

Step 1: Adding Colours to Sand

Take a small amount of

sand in a bowl and add acrylic colours to it (according to your choice). You have to make different colour combinations.

For now, keep it aside.

Step 2: ​Making Hidden Compartment

Now take a glass jar and pipe, attach the bottom of the pipe to the inner base of the jar.

Unfortunetly, my jar broke, so I had to use jar of another shape and size. This shows that, you can use any jar.

Step 3: ​Adding Sand Layers

Put inside the jar the coloured sand, layer by by layer.

To avoid sand going inside pipe, put a paper ball on top of it.

Step 4: Hiding the Compartment

Now cover the mouth of the jar with pebbles/stones and some other decorative items, to hide it.

Step 5: ​its Ready

Put a small L.E.D. with battery. This will make it look more attractive.

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