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Introduction: Easy Beaded Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is going to make you happy for sure!! Since I've discovered how to do it, I've been thinking about sharing that project with you. So, today's the day, and here is the step by step tutorial to help you to create your own little jewel :)

Note: I'm really sorry for the mistakes you see in this page, it's been a while since I've practiced my english. :)

Step 1: Material

So, what you need for this project:
-a pattern---» I suggest «http://friendship-bracelets.net/», where you can find a pattern you like for sure... check out the alpha patterns!!
-STRONG thread, so it doesn't break in the middle of your work...
-little beads ---» I've paid mine 2$ at a cheap store
-cover of a box (not too big, the length has to be the same as the size of your wrist)
-«popsicle» stick to help you...(you can also use your finger...)
-A NEEDLE that can pass through your beads (duh!)

Step 2: Preparation

Okay, first, you have to prepare the strings that you'll need to work on. It is a little awkward to explain, but I am going to do my best to explain it clearly. 
Attach the thread with some adhesive paper on the lid of the box such as demonstrated on the image.
Roll up the thread around the lid until you have the same number of spaces between the thread and the width of your pattern. (For example, if I count the number of squares of the width of my pattern--»14, it means that I have to roll up my thread around the cover 15 times, so I have 14 spaces for my beads.)
Make sure that everything is fixed, but don't go too hard on the tension of the thread, because you'll need to take it off at the end. 
Then, cut a lenght of thread; I suggest 1,5 times de length of your shoulders to begin, (When you won't have enough to continue, make a knot and cut another thread) and thread the needle. Fix with a knot to the first thread of the lid (third image)
As you can see, we are going to work in the inside of the lid. Next step---» Begin

Step 3: Let's Begin!!!

So, here we begin! 
According to the pattern, put on the needle the beads (right colors, huh!) with the horizontal order of the pattern.
With the needle, lead the beads UNDER the strings, and with your finger or popsicle stick, make them «pop» up, so you can go through them OVER the strings with your needle.
When you are finished with your row, (you are supposed to begin and finish a row by the left side), go to the next one, according to the pattern (Good colors, don't forget ;)
So, you do that all the length of your pattern, and you have your beautiful super easy bracelet :D

When everything is finished, you can use some ending material from the creativity store, or just imagine some way to stop the bracelet :) I'll try with my next one to make some braids with the cut strings and make a slipknot,  with beads at the end of the two braids. Not sure if this is going to work, but will try for sure :)

Hope you enjoy this tutorial, please let me know if something's wrong with the explanations, I'll be happy to answer your questions, if I am able to... :D


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    8 years ago

    I always wanted to make these kinds of bracelets when I was younger but no one knew how to make them. And there wasn't Google or Instructables back then to help out. I learned how to do the ones that you tie a knot & tie it through the line of strings & then get the next string & repeat like 1,000 times. Which in school it was better than listening to the teachers or doing it on the hour long bus ride home every day. Lol! Also learned to finger weave.... Kinda makes fingers hurt.... But was a sorts quicker way to make cool cord type bracelets & necklaces. I'm just glad you posted this!! :-) I have 3-4 bead maker kits that I got for my daughter, but she got bored just stringing them. Now I can show her this & maybe she'll have more fun doing it this way. What size needle did you use? Cause most sewing needle are almost too big to go thru sum of the beads. Or at least the eye gets too big.


    8 years ago

    Jessyratfink: I'm really happy you like it :D
    Lindseytreehugger: where I live there are these stores called "dollarama" where everything is like 1,2 or 3$ that's where I bought them :)