Introduction: Easy-cookies

I thought of this instructable because we got a new oven and I wanted to try it, so i thought lets make an easy cookie to begin with to look how the oven works.
its a really easy cookie but it is really nice too :), I hope you like it too.

Step 1: Ingredients

wat do you need?

- 125 gr. soft butter 
- 225 gr. dark caster sugar 
- 1 spoon with cinnamon
- 1 tea spoon with mashed cloves
- 120 ml of water 
- 375 gr. of the cheapest flour you can get
- 1 table spoon with baking powder 
- 1 mug
- 1 rolling pin or bottle
- baking paper 
- 1 big bowl
- oven 
and a good mood

Step 2: Making the Pastry

put the sugar, cinnamon, clove and the water in the bowl. put the flour and the baking powder in with it and impaste it until you have a nice pastry ( if you think the pastry is to sticky you can put some more four in or if you think its too dry you can put some more water in but only with little bits)
When you are ready you put the pastry in the fridge for one hour. 

Step 3: Waiting

while you are waiting you can clean your working area. after that just go and read a book or something. 

Step 4: Make/bake the Cookies

You need a flat surface to work on, cover your surface with flour so that the pastry won't stick.
Get the pastry out of the fridge and put it on your surface, also put a little bit of flour on the pastry so that it doesn't stick to the rolling pin.
Unroll it until the pastry everywhere is about 5mm thick. Start pre-heating the oven on 190°C or 374°F. Then use the mug to jut out as many cookies as possible. Put them on a oven tray covered with baking paper and than put them in the pre-heated oven on 190°C or 374°F for 10 min.
It is ok if they are not totally crispy yet. When they cool of they will get crispy.
The cookies are best when they are cooled down.

Step 5: Result:

tadaaaaaaaa :)

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