Introduction: Easy Fleece Beanie

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The cost of this project is probably around 6 dollars tops.
You can find everything at Wal-mart, if you can't just buy
a fleece blanket like me.

needle and thread or a sewing machine

Fun fleece beanies that are quick to make, fleece is awesome because it doesn't
ravel. I wish I had a sewing machine but I'm never in one place, so I always
have a needle and thread handy, besides it shows like the work you put into

Basic beanie projected time:

W/ sewing machine: <15 mins
w/o sewing machine: <1 hours, if you sew fast

Step 1: Measuring Your Noggin

Wrap a straight edge round your head, about where you want it to cover
your forehead. Make sure its not too tight unless you want it that way,
the tighter the more warm I suppose. Fleece is really stretchy, at least
in one direction, but its stretchy none the less so mismeasurements
dont matter at all. After you measure how big your head is, measure
how long you want it to me, just remember at the top you have to round
the corners to make it fit to your head, you lose length. Sew.

Step 2: Prep for Fitting

After that you should have a bag sorta thing with two openings. Use the
line you already sewed as the middle and flatten it out, the line you sewed
is the back. So match the the top of the sewed part to the front and sew
a loop, then fold the two other sides equally and loop it again and end it.
Now you have four corner thingies that are even. Real beanies have like 6-8
sewn curves. Four is fast and easier.

Step 3: Fitting the Beanie

Depending on the shape of your head, figure out the angle or curve you want
to cut the corners. The first one I ever did I put it on my friend's head and sewed
it to the contours of his head, but if you do this, be careful of sewing in hair. If you
make a hat like me, then the accuracy of the curves really dont matter. Figure
out the first curve, cut, fold to the other, cut, repeat then sew.

Step 4: Adding Some Flair

Now you have your complete beanie, flip it right side out, all done. You can add
extra flair if ya like. This one I made for a lady friend of mine, so I added like
pink sewing stuff to the brim.

I wanted to add a button to hook the excess hat to the back. Sadly, Walmart is
like 2 hours away and in China, I don't even know where to look for the button
sets that you can buy at Wal-mart for like 2 dollars. So I improvised. I suppose
this is a button hack.

Couldn't find a paper clip so I cut up a little notebook, the plastic cover served
very well as the backing. I cut the cover to fit the bottle cap, i suppose the
equivialant would be like a gatorade cap, choose one which suits your purpose.
I poked holes in the cover, put in the wire, folded the excess so it doesn't pop
out, covered the cap with the scrap fleece, and pushed hard. Its not like a super
strong button. If you pulled on it hard, I'm sure it would disassemble, but the
plastic cover caught on the twisty thing inside the cap. A stronger way would be
top cut off the top of the bottle also as to screw into the cap, that would be like
awesome but the cloth would have to be pretty thin, but this way worked.

Step 5: Fin

Wa-La, I wanted to make bunny ears but its too late. Good night. Oh, after
you make the basic hat, just go crazy.
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