Introduction: Easy Raised Paint Dog Collar !

Did you ever notice how expensive the pretty colorful collars at pet shops can be. They range from $10 -$15. I found a way to make cute customized collars for less than $5. I bought a plain black ridged cloth collar for $3.00 from my local pet shop. I used yellow raised fabric paint which cost about $1.50. I chose yellow because it contrasts the black ,sort of like highlights. You can choose any color you want.

Step 1: Find a Usable Collar

The collar should be a plain color in contrast with the color of your paint or vice vesa. Or you can just skip all this mumbo jumbo and choose what ever color looks good to you. :D. Oh and the collar should be cloth, the paint wonth stick to vinyl collars. Mine has ridges ,it helps to decide the spacing of the stripes or the dots or whatever.

Step 2: Decide on the Color of the Paint

I used raisedpaint because it is hardy and doesnt wash of easily,I used polymark, but you could use normal fabric paints if your collar is a light color or what ever you want. Thats why it's called customizing duh, stupid me .

Step 3: Decide on the Spacing of the Stipes

I went ahead with every alternate ridge, since mine was ridged. If you have a flat collar you can just keep a ruler along the collar and make even lines.The thickness of the lines depends on the tip of the nozzle ,for thicker lines you can make two lines per ridge.Remeber the thicker the line the messier it will look.

Step 4: Draw the Lines

Having a steady hand helps make it neater, but a couple squiggly lines are cute too. At this point you can make any design you want like stars, flowers ,bones, paw prints, even fish if it's for a cat. I did the entire collar leaving spaces or the buckle and holes. You  can add highlights around the holes too, I even wrote my dogs name but it's in the back.

Step 5: Let It Dry

This step is really important. You are going to want the paint to dry for at least 4 hours. Follow your paint's instructions and add an hour extra ,because your dog is going to be pretty rough with this so you want it nice and secure.I left mine overnight. Rember to placce it completely flat or else the paint will drip.

Step 6: Put It on Your Pup

The final product has a squishy texture and is kinda addicting to touch ,but you can dress up your pup in his brand new collar . Dpnt leave your cat out of the fun, make him one with a thinner collar and enjoy .

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