Introduction: Easy Reusable Roller Made Out of Junk

i wanted to use some product with fiberglass for that i have to use resin but the resin have to be distributed evenly. for that i needed a roller but at 11pm i could not go to a hardware shop and that size i need is not easy to find so i decided to build one of my own and needed some think that is cheap and i can dispose and reuse. so i came up with this idea

Step 1: Instruments

medical syringe

knife or anti cutter

some copper wire/ ms wire

locking pliers .

heat source

super glue or adardite ( rein+ hardner)

rubber tape (poly amalgamating tape)

Step 2: Prepairing the Syringe

i took a 3 cc syringe coz i needed small roller. u can take any size syringe as ur need.pull out the plunger. then remove the rubber. insert the plunger back with out the rubber. then cut the end part of the syringe tube with knife with knife. u can file it to make it smooth edges.

Step 3: Fixing the Plunger

now u can take ms wire or other flexible wire. i took these copper wire from a old electrical wire by removing the protective plastic cover. now cut the wire at 1 inch length. take a pliers or locking pliers then heat the wire end upto the wire turns up red. then care fully insert the hot side through the tube opening with out damaging the tube entry point. go to straight to the plunger head and give it a gentle push. the hot wire will melt the tip of the plunger and go through the plunger tip. after that hold it for a bit then pour some water the wire will be fixed with plunger head. then curve the other end so that the plunger wont go down. roll the syringe by holding the plunger end to see if the curved angle is blocking the tube to roll. if it is then fix the wire curving.

Step 4: Finishing the Plunger

now cut the round end of the plunger with knife. file it if u need. now as u can see the pic there are some bars at the plunger u can use a locking pliers to lock on the bars it can work as ur roller handle.

Step 5: Making the Hanlde

now for the handle i took the wire from the calendar top which hangs in the wall, well i think u can understand by the pics. well curve it with pliers as the traditional roller handle. the n again heat up the ti of the wire and insert it gently through the plungers outer head and wait for some time. after that dip it in the water so it gets hard. now with a pliers curve the pierced end of the wire as in the pic to fix it. now for more strength and to avoid lagging i used super glue to fix it firmly. u can use araldite it will give more better effect. but care full while adding the glue coz if any drop goes between the plunger and roller then ur roller is ruined.

Step 6: Finished

well i curved the free end of the wire for making it like a handle. then wrap it with rubber tape (poly amalgamating tape). now come the fun part if ur roller is ruined with color or resin (as mine is) just un hook the wire at the plunger tip remove the syringe tube then use anther syringe tube and curve the copper wire. u got a new roller. now see the video. thanks hope it helps