Introduction: Easy to Do Photography Hacks

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If You Are A Beginner Photographer And Want To Know A Easy To Do Photography Hacks And Cool Ideas Then Stay Tuned :D .


* In Each Step I Will Talk About Different Idea And How To Make It Make Sure To Check All The Pictures in Each Step It`s Helpful .

* All Images Are Taken By Me .

* I Will Update This Instructable With More Ideas Every Time I Learn Something New .

* I Will Not Gonna Talk About The Camera Settings Because Its Not The Same Always .

Step 1: About the Author

My Name Is Abdulrahman I`m a Beginner Photographer Based In Turkey i Shoot With Canon 100D And 50MM F1.8 .
You Can Check My Work I Will Leave The Links Below

My Instagram


Thank You :D

Step 2: Shooting Macro With Reversed Lens

requirements :

* DSLR Camera

* Prime Lens I Used The Canon 50MM F1.8 (Kit Lenses Work Too Like 18-55MM) .

There Is Two Methods To Do It
First :

* Unmount Your Lens Reverse It And Hold It Same Way in The Picture .

* Since The Lens Is Not Attached To The Camera So AF Is Not Gonna Work , You Will Have To Focus Manually By Going Forward And Backward Towards The Object Your Shooting .

Second :

Since Holding The Lens Is Little Bit Difficult You Can Buy A Lens Adapter i Will Put The Links Below.

Aliexpress :

Amazon :

I Do Recommend Buying a Macro Extension Tubes Instead Of The Adapter

Aliexpress :

Step 3: Bokeh Shapes

Requirements :

* Camera (Wide Aperture Lenses Is Better For Bokeh )

* Lights , I Used Christmas Lights

* Cardboard Or Any Material You Can Cut Easily

* Filter (optional)

What Is Bokeh ?

Bokeh Is The Quality Of Out-Of-Focus Or “Blurry” Parts Of The Image,So If You Focus At Any Object Close To The Camera And There Is A Light In The Background It Will Be a Blurry Circle In Your Image .

How To Shoot :

1 / Place The Object You Are Shooting on a Table or Any Surface

2 / Hang The Lights On The Wall Or Door Behind The Object

3 / Focus On The Object And Shoot

Tips For Better Bokeh :

* Make Sure To Get Close To The Object You Are Shooting And The Lights Should Be Far From The Object To Get a Blurry Circle

* You Can Shoot From Any Angle You Want But Shooting Straight Is Better To Get The Right Shape (Some Lenses Have Issue When You shoot From Angle The Shape Start To Turn From Circle To Something Like American Football)

* If You Are Shooting With The Kit Lens 18-55mm Shoot At 55 Focal Length Or The Highest Focal Length In Your Lens Its Better .

Bokeh Filters And How It Works :

Simply By Blocking The Lights And Let It Go To The Lens From One Direction (Which is The Shape We Will Draw And Cut It )

You Can Create Your Own Filter With Two Methods

The Cheapest Method :D You Will Need a Cardboard Or Any Material You Can Cut Easily Should Be Thick Enough So Light Doesn't Pass Through It, Draw a Small Shape In The Middle (Heart , Star Or character etc..) And Cut It Then Hold It In Front Of The Lens ( From Picture 1 To 4 I showed how i Did It , i Drew a Circle On a Cardboard Same As My Filter Diameter And Cut It Then Drew a Heart( Yes What You See In The Image Supposed To Be a Heart So Some Drawings And Cutting Skills Is Required :D ) The I Placed The Cardboard In The Filter And Attached It To The Camera So I Don`t Need To Hold It


You Can Print A Filter Using a 3D Printer I Will Put a Link Below Where You Can Find STL Files For The Filter

Link :

Step 4: Creating Rainbow Effect

Requirements :

* Camera(You Can Use Your Camera Phone Too) .

* CD .

* Flash Light (If You Are Shooting Inside ) .

* Tripod (Optional)

How To Shoot :

1 / Place Your Object On A Table Or Any Surface

2 / Set The Camera On A Tripod And Focus On Your Object (You Can Shoot handhold Too)

3 / Hold The CD In Front Of a Direct Light (Flash Light Like I Did Or Natural Light (Sun) ) It Will Create A Rainbow

4 / Aim The Rainbow Light At The Object You Are Shooting

Note :

Shooting In A Low Light Places Will Pop The Rainbow Colors More ,In The Two Image I Used Only The Rainbow Light To Expose My Picture

Step 5: Changing Color Sides

Requirements :

* Camera (You Can Use Your Phone Camera)

* Screen(TV , Laptop etc..) Or a Background With Two Colors (Wall , Paper

* Glass Half Filled With Water

How To Shoot :

1 / Open A Two Color Background On Your Screen Your Using

2 / Place Your Object In Front Of The Screen Or The Two Color Paper

3 / Place The Camera On The Same Level Of The Object And Shoot


Shoot Straight Don`t Shoot From Angle Also Make It symmetrical You Will See That The Colors In The Water Will Change Sides

Step 6: Create a Reflection

Requirements :

* Camera

* mobile phone

I Use This When There is a Dead Space In My Image To a Cool Effect To The Photo

How To Shoot

1 Hold Your Camera And Focus On Whatever You Are Shooting

2 Hold Your Phone Like I Show In The Picture Side Reflection Or A Up Down Reflection

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