Introduction: Easy to Make Rubber Band Loom and Bracelet

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     At the height of the rubber band craze, my son decided that he wanted a loom too. Well, at the time, there were none to be found. So it was up to me to make him one. I found a chunk of wood about two feet long, hammered in a bunch of nails. The nails weren't strait, they didn't line up and it was heavy, however at the end of that board, I made a circle with the nails and drilled a hole. All the kids in the neighborhood wanted to use that loom, not because of the full size bracelet you can make with it without having to reposition it, but because of the little detail at the end of the board that I added. The kids loved that it made some of the more harder bracelets easier to do. So I made a pocket version of that little detail. Here is how I made it.

Step 1: Gather Up Some Stuf

I used a chunk of wood that I had lying around (1.5" X .75" X 6"); however just about any size will do; six pushpins, a pencil, and a half inch drill bit. 

Step 2: Find the Center at One End

Find the center ,use your drill bit and Drill and make a hole.

Step 3:

With my pencil I marked where I wanted to place the pins. I didn't measure them out, I just eyeballed this.

Step 4:

Push the pins on your dots. You might need a hammer to put them all the way in.

Step 5: Now for the Bracelet

For this bracelet ,we used 25 of each color; Yellow, Brown and Light Blue; a crochet hook and the loom we just put together.

Step 6: Choosing the Pattern and Colors

We started with yellow. We put the first band in a triangle pointing up, using three of the pins . Then place the second band, of the same color, in a triangle pointing down. After that, we placed blue over top of the yellow, using the same pattern. We flipped the yellow over the blue. Next we placed the brown in the same pattern and flipped the blue over the brown. Continue to do this until you use up your bands or have achieved your desired length.

Step 7: Adding the Clip

To put it all together. What I tell the kids to do is pick a pin and take that loop and move it to the opposite side. Do that for the two adjoining pins. Pull the tail out of the hole and add a clip to pull it all together. Remove from loom and attach the other end.

Step 8: Enjoy

This loom can be used with two posts, four posts, or all six. Try different Patterns and different styles. I've also used yarn on this. Haven't found a practical use for the yarn ones, however I'll do my best to figure something.

Step 9: First Loom

Thought you might like to see The first loom that I made.
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