Introduction: Eco Printing on Paper

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hello ladies and gentleman, i am back with my instructables! i am here with eco printing. which is done by natural plants on the paper. which is very cool and you will have fun in doing and amazing designs you will get. remember while doing on paper gently work with it and use little thicker paper around 230gsm or more than that. best thing is you will always get something new patterns. you can use any flower or leafs of your choice or what is easily available in your backyard. i had taken some random leafs from my backyard. try to take colourful leafs so you will get colourful prints, which will look more beautiful. i am showing you here how to print on paper than you can use it in different ways like you can frame them and hang it as a paintings. or you can make it the cover of you diaries, you can use it as greeting cards or invitation cards, as invitation cards it will look fabulous because it will be naturally printed and it will be great surprise for your friends or relatives to see this. it will be great gift for your friends too. there are many other uses of it, so let the creator inside you to come out and make amazing designs. i am also showing you a small clip of how to hammer. so let's go.......


paper a3 size ( i am using here hand made sheets of paper)

picked leafs of your choice


gum tape

plastic roll



Step 1: LEAFS

find leafs from your backyard

clean them with water

remove water from leafs


take the paper and put the leafs on it.

put it in the manner you want.

than stick the leaf with gum tape ,you don't have to stick the leaf permanently so stick it gently so it can be easily removable later. but make sure it is steady.

after sticking put plastic on it so when you hammer the juice of the leafs don't get smudge and you can get better result.

in image i am showing you each sample of leaf which i had printed. you do it according to your design.


then gently hammer on leafs, and make sure you cover all the areas in hammering.

i am showing you the video of hammering for your better understanding.

after hammering slowly remove the plastic and let the print dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

than remove the tape.


after removing the tape let it dry again for some time.

than cut the pieces with scale and use it the way you want.

i had used it as paintings, so i framed it and i had that's why made them in smaller size you can do it according to your use.

take larger size of papers if you are making invitations.

thank you!!!

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