Introduction: Edible Flower Arrangements

Kids like appetizers too. Why not make sure they have their own super fun ones at your next party or get together. These are alot of fun to make & your kids can help you put them together, but they are kinda messy.They also make great center pieces.
For This Project You'll Need:
- Rice Krispies
- Butter
- Marshmallows
- Large pot ( for making Rice Krispies Treat)
- Pan( for spreading & cooling Rice Krispies Treat)
- Cookie Cutters
- Vanilla Chocolate chips(or you can use marshmellows)
- Lollipop sitcks or barbeque skewers
- Food Colouring, differnet colours ( cake isle)
- Microwavable bowls( for melting chocolate)
- Spatulas
- Pinto or Black beans( for the pots)
- Mini flower pots (new)
- Seeds (optional see NOTE on Last Step.)

Step 1: Make the Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies, YUMMM, remember these when you were a kid? Heck, I still LOVE to eat them. Anyways, I'm not going to spend too much detail or photo's on how to make Rice Krispies. The instructions are right on the side of the box. How great is that! But with that said, I'll include what you'll need to make them just incase.

Rice Krispies Recipe

In large pot over Low to Medium heat
 Melt   2-3 TBSP butter( margerine is NOT reccommended)
- Add 10oz( for large) of marshmallows or 4cups for mini marshmallows
Once marshmallows are completely melted & smooth, remove from heat
- Add 6 Cups Rice Krispies and stir till incorporated throughly

* Check out the old ad I found online for Rice Krispies Treat, pretty cool

Step 2: Rice Crispies

Step 1
- Make the Rice Krispies Treat
- Butter large pan
- Spread Rice Krispies Treat onto pan
( you might want to butter your fingers too)
- Allow to cool

**I always find it's better to make the Rice Krispies Treat the night before and then wrap them up in plastic wrap after they've cooled. This way your not trying to do a million things the day of the party/get together

Step 3: Making the Shapes

You'll Need:
- Cookie cutters

Step 2
- Using cookie cutters, cut out your shapes and set them aside
- Use the scraps to make medium and small shaped leafs for the flowers(or use a leaf shaped cookie cutter if you have one)

Step 4: Decorating the Flowers and Leaves

You'll Need
- Vanilla Chocolate chips(or marshmallows)
- Microwavable bowls
- Spatula
- Food colouring
Parchment paper or wax paper
**NOTE** A little goes along way when it comes to using this type of food colouring. Also, never reuse the same toothpick after dipping it into the chocolate. You will contaminate the food colouring.

Step 3

- Melt the chocolate chips or Marshmallows
- Add you food coloring using a toothpick to the chocolate/marshmallows until it's the right shade
- Dip the front of the rice Crispies into the Chocolate/marshmallows
- Set on parchment paper and allow to set
Feel free to add sprinkles or use edible markers or frosting to embelish the flowers

Step 5: Putting It Together

You'll Need:
- Flower pots (new)
- Lollipop sticks or barbeque skewers
- Decorated flowers and leaves

Step 4 
-  Add leaf to skewer or lollipop stick (make sure not to go through the coloured part)
- Add Flower to stick
- Repeat until all your flowers and leaves are on sticks
- Fill flower pots w/ beans
( I used beans instead of adding crushed graham crackers for dirt or colored coconut for grass, because beans hold the stitcks better, is less messy & I can use the beans later)
- Arrange flowers in the pots
( decide if you want small pots or large pots)

Step 6: Display Flowers

Set aside a special area just for the kids. Somewhere they won't break things or spill onto your carpet.

Step 5
- Arrange the edible flowers
- If using biodegradble pots, consider buying extras and giving each child a pot and a packet of seeds to take home with them. this add EXTRA fun for the kids.
- Watch as kids gobble them up

Barbeque skewers have a sharp point on the end. These are very dangerous & should not be used for small children if left unsupervised.