Introduction: Edible Tim Hortons Coffee Cup

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Although Tim Hortons is no longer Canadian as it was purchased by an American company, I am still a big fan, especially for their Tim Bits (doughnut bites) !

This edible coffee cup is made of chocolate fudge cake with vanilla frosting. All decorations are edible, depicting baked goods that Tim Hortons offers. The coffee beans are baking chips with cappuccino flavor.

Step 1: Method

To make this edible coffee cup you will need:

Cake and buttercream of your choice


Food colors

Edible pen

Cake decorating tools

A little chocolate ganache

Tim Hortons coffee cup, empty and clean

Cut your coffee cup into a couple of rings (at least 5 sizes of rings), this will be your template

Using the coffee rings as template, cut your rectangular cake (when the cakes stacked, it will be the coffee cup size and shape, with a minimum carving).

Stack cakes with a little ganache in between. Adjust cakes that it should be the shape of the cup. Chill a bit.

Cover cake with thin ganache, chill again, then cover with buttercream (I use vanilla).

Roll flat white fondant and cover the cake with it.

With brown gel food color, brush/paint the side of the cup.

Color a small piece of white fondant with black gel food. Roll flat and cover the top of the 'cup' as coffee. Trim with knife/scissor.

Roll a small piece of white fondant into a rope, and attach to the cup as the cup rim.

Start decorating!

Make the Tim Hortons logo with fondant and edible food pen. Attach to the cake by wetting the back of the logo with a little water.

Make Tim Bits by coloring your fondant and shaping them into small doughnut bites/doughnut holes.

Shape a fondant into doughnut, color with food color and decorate with sprinkles.

Color and shape fondant into croissant and sandwich or other pastries.

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