Introduction: Educational Project: Laser Cut 2D Puzzle for Kids at Camp Invention. I Made Them at TechShop.

        In support for Camp Invention, engineers are recruited to volunteer and help out.   It would be nice to make 2D Puzzle  that the kids could keep and take home. One of the project the kids did is to design ways to project the eggs by sea turtles in the sand on sea shores.  So I could make a 2D Puzzle using a color sea turle.
        The kids would also see a video of how 2D Puzzle is cut using a high tech laser cutter.

        The target size of the image is around 8.5" x 11".  The image could be portrait or landsacpe layout.   I also target my puzzle to be  3 pcs  x 4 pcs.  In my final design, I used shipping labels and printed 2 images on a page.   This would be a better size to handle in terms of time and packaging the puzzles.
        On Google Search, enter Google Image.   Then enter sea turtle. Scale and Crop the image so the it is about 8.5" x 11" size.
Make color print of the image(s).  Use high quality paper so glue won't leak through the paper.
        Cut carboard to 8.5" x 11".  Apply glue evently to the back of the pictures.   Line up the images to the cardboard. 
        For the 2D Puzzle cutting, search of pre-existing Corel Draw Vector file.  A colleaque shared a 25-pc 2D Puzzle.  I opened and edited it to a 12-pc 2D Puzzzle.  I save it for portrait layout.  I then rotate this by 90 degrees and save it for landscape layout.
        I would make the Corel Draw Puzzle layout to be slightly smaller that the picture to make sure the puzzle cutout is always inside the image.

Message to the Young Inventors:
       Study hard.  Pay special attention to your Science and Math classes.
       Always have fun.  It would enhance your imagination and invention.
      Adults, Engineers and Inventors use same methods and materials to make prototypes of their ideas and inventions.   We draw our ideas / inventions on paper, we also cut and fold papers and cardboard.  We use scrap material whenever available to verify dimension, hole sizes and fit.   This is very much like what is being used at Camp Invention.    
      Adults have adult playground like TechShop equipped with Laser cutter, 3D Printer, and other tools.
      At TechShop, kids accompanied by their guardian / parent can watch and learn too.  (For specific, please contact TechShop).