Introduction: Elastic Band Knotted Ring

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It all started when I was trying to get my hair in a ponytail. All of a sudden, my elastic band snapped. Yes, the band that I trusted, betrayed me, just when I needed it. So, I promised to take revenge on that traitorous band. And my revenge would be creative :). I hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

To make a ring like this, you will need:

- (snapped) elastic band
- scissors
- marker
- glue gun
- round object matching the size of your finger

Step 2: The Knot

Start by making a knot in the middle of the band. Make a loop, put the end trough (basically just a simple knot) and pull it, but not too tight, you really want the knot to be showing, not as small as possible.

Step 3: Creating the Ring

Take your round object and place the knot on it. Wrap both sides around it a bit tight, while holding the knot so it remains it's size. Take your marker and draw a line as shown, so you will know where to cut the band. This was the moment I discovered my blue marker was empty, so I ended up using a black one.

Step 4: Cutting the Excess

When the sides have been marked, you can let go of the band again. Cut off the strands at the marked parts. I decided to cut just a little bit next to it, so it wouldn't be too short.

Step 5: Glueing

Take your glue gun and let it heat up. Apply the glue to the elastic part of one of the strands. When the glue is added, press both sides together as shown. For my first try, the glue gun wasn't hot enough, so the glue came off again. The second try gave a much better result.

Step 6: Done

And that's it! What I really like about this project, is the time it takes. Basically, from snapping to wearing, it took about 6 minutes I'd say. I hope you liked it as well, if you did I would love to know!

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