Introduction: Electric Brush Cutter

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I spent only $10 more on this project, I missed the brushcutter wire and clamps. Everything else,I got it from my others projects or in my stock. I took 3 hours to realize it.

It's workswell, it's powerfull (1000w) and funny. I use a wire rather blade, it's less dangerous.

Step 1: Items List

motor: turnigy sk3-5045-500kv brushless outrunner

Esc controller: FVT Wolf 2-6s lipo barttery 120a Pro A impermeable car speed controller esc bec

battery: multistar hight capacity 6s 10000mah multi-rotor lipo pack

Remote: quanum 2.4ghz 3ch pistol grip tx end rx system

charger: digital charger ap6 pro tronic and his supply

pulley perforated at 8mm for make the head : 21 t5 25 teeth

steel plate for battery box: 500x500x1.5 mm

steel plate for motor ventilator: 50x50x0.5 mm

steel plate for motor fixing: 50x300x6 mm

steel pipe (or wood) for handle: 1200x25mm

3 metal clamps

3 plastic clamps

4 perforated plates (meccano)

steel pipe for the left handle: 500x15mm

1 key ring for the trigger

metal wire

screws for metal and wood

wire for brushcutter

Step 2: Manufacture of the Head

perforate 2 time the pulley for the cutting wire and add a thread to maintain the wire when the head turned

You must use the proppeler adaptater provided with the motor and assemble it with the pulley without tightening hard. you will tighten in the motor axis later

Step 3: The Motor Support Plate

take the metal plate an for folding it, make two saw slot and fold it in an vice.

drill a 8mm hole for the motor axis

drill 4mm holes for fixing the motor

drill a little at 8mm the 4mm holes for hide screws head.

fix the motor on the plate with screws

add the brushcutter head on the motor axis and tighten hard

Step 4: Fixing the Handle

take Meccano plates and screws/nuts.

drill 4 holes to put screws on the motor plate.

tighten hard the handle

Step 5: Manufacture of the Left Handle

you must using your talent to folding the left handle :)

crush with a hammer the end which will be fixed on the principal handle

crush each corner and fold it with a vise

fix the result with a metal clamps

Step 6: Manufacture of the Battery Box

I had already made this box.

on the big plate, cut each side with a grinder and solder them together

solder 4 nuts on the base for fixing on wood later

(Optional), make a door with a hinge. for closing,welding a screx and making a slot in the door

painting the box

Step 7: Fixing the Battery Box to the Handle

cut a piece of wood plate to fix the box

take a meccano plate an deform it to screw the plate on the handle (2 time)

screw the box on the plate and put the battery into

Step 8: Electrical Connection and Drive Fixing

the electrical equipment is plug and play so connect them.

fix the esc on the handle with plastic clamps

Step 9: Installation of the Cutting Wire on the Head

cut 2 piece of B-C wire and put them on the holes.

tighten screw of maintain

measure the 4 ends and cut them at the same size

Step 10: Fixing the Remote Control and Deporting the Trigger

fix the remote on the handle with 2 metal clamps

take a metal wire and fix a end on the trigger.

fix with clamp a little pipe used to suide the wire

at the second end, add a metal ring of keys

Step 11: Test

you must test to choice the size of the cutting wire. too long, not enought torque. too small, not enought range.

I reduce the lenght at 10cm by wire.

Step 12: Paint and Enjoy

use spray paint rustproof and put 2 paint coating

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