Introduction: Duct Tape Canoe

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I made this boat to have fun and see if we could do a canoe with duct
tape and pvc tubes. The boat is effectively waterproof and allows to sail long. I tried it on a river for 4 hours and the only fault is the reduced dimentions. On the other hand, it is so small that it returns whole in my car.

This canoe is very fun but must be optimized to use it regularly. The back is too far back to be comfortable. The shape and dimensions make it not stable and sinks too much into the water.

I think a little bigger and stable, this canoe would be appreciable because it is very light and really cheap

The advantage is that it is a disposable canoe, you can make one or more and throw them after use because it does not cost much. If you are on vacation, you can make on the spot with only a saw blade as a tool then when you want to go home you put it in a trash. Mine cost me 15 $

In this video, I am having fun with friends and my family at first, then I synthesized the manufacture in accelerated and I see myself sailing on the river.

Step 1: Equipment

150 meter minimum of 50mm duct tape

10x 20mm pvc pipe

a 30mm extruded foam plate

12x Long plastic clamps

Step 2: Framing

Look in the video, I show how to assemble the boat, but we do not see the beginning.

Assemble 5 whole tubes and securely assemble the ends together

Put a lot of tape by asking the pipes 1 by 1. Do not assemble them all at once, otherwise they risk slipping.

Cut pieces of tubes to spread the tubes and give the general shape of the canoe .
Tape to assemble the tubes together

Step 3: Putting Reinforcements

You must place enough reinforcements to prevent the hull from deforming. The main efforts:
On the ground, because of the opposing forces of mass and archimedes' thrust. -on the coast. Stiffness must be high due to paddle movements

Step 4: The Floor

Cut a sheet of foam to the shape of the floor and one for the back. Then fasten them with clamps.

The foam should rest on as many tubes as possible so that it does not break.

Drill the foam with a drill and hang it with clamps

Step 5: Coating in Duct Tape

Apply the duct tape to make the shell, the strips must be straight and overlap by about 25mm.

Apply 2 layers of duct tape and strips along the length to protect the edges

Step 6: Waterproof Skirt

Also put duct tape on the top of the canoe and overlap by about 25mm to prevent it from filling with water from the front and back .

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