Introduction: Electric Eel Knex Roller Coaster

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Tornado96 is back with another instructable of a micro coaster. This is my first tube supported style instructable. Please tell me how to make the steps clearer. This is a small little coaster using my Track guide. If you want to learn how to make it I have an instructable right here. The elements featured in this slithering coaster are a loop and a barrel roll.

Piece count

micro rods:

black: 88
yellow: 92
grey: 164
red: 138
purple: 101
blue: 104

micro connectors:

green: 16
orange: 3
purple: 139
yellow: 101
light grey: 27
red: 136
blue 3D: 126
grey 3D: 99
black: 20

big k'nex:

blue rod: 1
red rod: 1
red connector: 2
white connector: 2

grey: 6
blue: 4

white: 4
blue: 1

Transition rods:

green/purple: 4
pink/red: 6


black caps:2
black gears: 2
tan clips: 2
tan y connectors: 30
micro chain links: 179
chain guides: 24
green motors: 1

Please comment and subscribe. If you've finished seeing the pictures let's move on to the building part shall we?

Step 1: Motor Attachment

This section obviously holds the motor. Watch carefully for those little tan y connectors. They are pretty hard to see.

Step 2: Hill Base

What hill is complete without a base? Make this easy thing which will be supporting the tubes attached to the hill.

Step 3: Hill Support

This is the first time you'll be using tubes. Pay close attention to the pictures and the image notes.

Step 4: Hill

OK now you have made the hill base and the hill support. Now it's time to build the hill. Pictures 8-11 are the part that is gonna attach to the track. Attach it as close to the middle of the lift as possible.

Step 5: Turning Drop Support

This support is for the turning drop right after the crest of the coaster. Pay close attention to how the pipes are built.

Step 6: Loop Support Part 1

This section is the side of the loop where the car comes in. The pipes will attach to the track when you add the track.

Step 7: Loop Support Part 2

this support holds the pullout of the loop. I will get better pictures of the pipes next time.

Step 8: Barrel Roll Support

Here's the support for the barrel roll. None of the pipes are difficult to build. Just make sure the pipes are in the right positions.

Step 9: Curve Support

This is the last step where you have to make pipes. After this you'll just be track and chain.

Step 10: Attaching the Track

Now it's time for the fun part of the roller coaster. The track!! Pay attention to the chain guides and the track guide.

Step 11: Attaching the Chain

Last step. Now you just have to attach the chain and your done. Make sure that the chain runs on the chain guides. You should use 179 chain links.

Step 12: Your Done!!!

Congratulations!! You've completed Electric Eel! Now turn the motor on and watch the cars zoom through the track. Enjoy!!! :-D