Introduction: Electromagnetic Hammer

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Hi everybody! In this instructables I will show you how to make an electromagnetic hammer!

When nailing, you hold nail with your fingers (or with a clothespins for they most clumsy), sometimes the nail fall, and sometimes you tap on your fingers.
The interest of this hammer is that one can catch the nails directly with the hammer and then nail it. On big jobs, you can save a lot of time.

For the power source, there are several possible solutions: batteries AA, AAA, AAAA, 9V, 4,5V ... rechargeable or not. Personelement, I chose to use a usb backup battery. This allows to reload my hammer with the same cable as my phone (yes, I just say "reload my hammer!").

Let's go!

Step 1: Components and Tools Needed


- soldering iron

- Wire stripper

- Cutting pliers

- glue gun

- Metal file

- 6 meters of electric wires - Ø 0.22mm

- Momentary Switch Off/(On)

- USB plug type A male pre-wired (or a usb cable that you can cut)

- Insulating adhesive tape

- Usb rechargeable battery

- a hammer

Step 2: Make the Coil

To start, we will make the coil.

This step is very important, take your time!

- cut 6m of electric wire.

- stripping the ends of the wire

- attach one side of the wire to the center of the hammer head with adhesive tape (leave 10cm free).

- wrap the wire around the head of the hammer, tighten the wire well and leave no space. When you get to the end, go back the other way and so on.

- when you have finished, fix the end of the cable with adhesive tape (leave 10cm of free).

- cover the coil of adhesive tape.

Well, the hardest is done!

Step 3: Fix the Battery

Now we will fix the battery.

- position the battery along the handle on the side of the head called "face".

- attach the battery to the handle of the hammer with one turn of adhesive tape.

- fix the battery with the glue gun. This will also allow the battery to be stuck on the handle, and not to move when you poke nails.

- If your battery is rectangular, file the angles only way to have an ergonomic handle.

- wrap the battery and handle together with adhesive tape.

- if your battery has a light, make a small hole in the adhesive tape!

Step 4: The Wiring

Now we'll make to the wiring.

It is very simple, but do it carefully so it must can withstand the shock!

- Solder one of the two wires of the coil on one of the tab of the switch.

- Solder the other tab on the red wire of the USB plug.

- Solder the black wire of the usb plug and the second wire of the coil together.

- Isolate your weld and the tabs of the switch with the glue gun or with adhesive tape.

The wiring is finished!

Step 5: Fix the Switch

In this step, we will fix the switch.

It must resist shock when you press it and you will plant a nail.

The most practical and solid position I find is in the extension of the thumb. By sliding my 0.5 cm thumb on the handle, I press the switch.

- position your switch.

- fix it with glue gun, including wiring

Step 6: Finish Him!

To finish, we will protect the wiring and give a cleaner look to our electromagnetic Hammer.

- cover the hammer with adhesive tape to protect and hide the wiring. 1 turn is sufficient.

Step 7: Connect It and Try It!

The time to test our electromagnetic hammer has arrived!

- connect the USB plug to the battery

- push the button

- pass the hammer next to a nail

- Nail down.

- releasing the button

That's it! You have now a hight-tech hammer! Thor can get dressed!

Step 8: Bonus: All Steps and Demonstration in Video!

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