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Introduction: Survival Blanket Shade Shelter

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Hello everyone!

In this summer special inscrutables, I will show you how to improvise a tarp to fight against the heat of summer.

For this, I will use what one should all have in the car, or in the hiking bag: a survival blanket and string. And 4 stones.

Survival blankets usually have two sides: a golden side and a silver side. The golden side with a heat absorption capacity of 50% and the silvery side reflects 90% of the infrared radiation. Mine has 2 silver side, but whatever, it is this side that interest us for this project.

The emission of electromagnetic waves by the Sun is composed of approximately 50% visible light, and 50% infrared.

Since the objective is to put yourself in the shade, what's better than a material that reflects 90% of the infrared rays!

Here we go!

Step 1: Components and Tools Needed


- a survival blanket

- string (paracord in my case)

- 4 stones

no tools!

Step 2: ​Prepare the Tarp

To begin, we will prepare the tarp.

- completely unfold the survival cover.

- place a stone on each corner of the survival blanket

- bend the angle on the stone

- packing the stone like a candy

- tie a noose with the string to keep your "candy" closed

- did the same for the other 3 angles.

The tarp is ready! Now let's put it in place!

Step 3: ​Installing the Tarp

To install the tarp, we will tighten it between 4 fixed points. You can fix it on trees, poles, fences, chairs ...

Adapt to your surroundings!

- fix the tarp strings to your anchor points, using tensioner node, so you can adjust the tension of your tarp.

Do not hesitate to tender, the survival blankets have very good resistance to traction!

Step 4: ​Enjoy

You can now relax, and drink a cool drink.

Hydrataion remains indispensable even in the shade!

You have beat the heat!

Enjoy your summer vacations!

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    5 years ago

    Space blankets really work best when close to the skin and not very well after that.

    Since very little heat radiates from the outside of a thick sleeping
    bag, there's not much to reflect back, and most of that will just make
    it back to the outside layer of the bag.

    And while the sweat can be a problem if you're just using one for
    extra warmth, they are really meant for emergency situations where
    you're already too cold to sweat very much!

    In my case i use

    this blanket which called Multilayer survival blanket — Grabber All Weather Blanket