Introduction: Explosive Intrusion Alarm. the MacGyver Trap.

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Hi everybody!

In this new Instructable I will show you how to make an alarm ... explosive!

It can be used at home or in bivouac, like airsoft trap ...

Of course, I made it in MacGyver's mind: with a Swiss knife and what I had on hand.

You can easily improve it with better materials and tools ... But it's less fun!

Let's go!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed


- Clothespin

- match

- ducktape

- electric battery

- electric wire

- aluminum foil

- string or fishing line

- piece of cardboard or wood

- firecracker

- Swiss knife

Step 2: The Detonator

To begin, we will prepare the detonator.We will use the heat emitted by the electric wire to inflame the potassium Chlorate contained in match heads, which will inflame the firecracker's fuse.

We will add a few matches to make sure the flame is sufficient.

- scrape the head of the matches with the blade of the knife. scratch at least 6 or 7.

- crush the result of your scraping with the flat of the blade in order to make a fine and uniform powder

- cut a strip of duck tape

-deposit your powder in small heap on the strip of duck tape

- hook 2 wires together on a stripped end

- glue the cable on the duck tape so that the stripped part is on the powder heap, and cover the stripped bare wires with powder.

- paste some matches around the pile of powder "to be sure".

-Stick the firecracker so that the wick is in contact with the powder, and the tip of the firecracker must protrude from the scotch so that it can burst and not be stifled.

Step 3: The Trigger

Now, we must be able to trigger the explosion of our firecracker. For this, I will use a Clothespin, which when it closes, will close the electrical circuit that will trigger the ignition.

- Cut 3 pieces of wire, and stripping them.

- Attach one of the wires to one of the leg of the Clothespin with aluminum foil.

- Do the same on the other leg.

- Drill a piece of cardboard and attach the end of the twine to it.

- Place the piece of cardboard between the tabs of the Clothespin.

- Fix the battery as in the schema(do not forget the carton if not BOOM).

- Fix the whole on a stake(orange plastic stake on the photo).

- Shove the stake and tie the other end of the string to another fixed point, in the passage to be protected, on a handle ...

Step 4: Bonus: All the Steps in Video + Demonstration on the Villain of the Episode

There you go!

The intrusion detector is finished and in place! As soon as someone (or something ...) pulls on the rope, the two legs of the clothes peg will close the electrical circuit, which will ignite the potassium chlorate, which will light the fuse of the firecracker and BOOM!!!

All the steps in video + demonstration on the villain of the episode :p

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