Introduction: Electronic Space Shuttle

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I made this project that link together two of my favourite fields : electronic and space. This space shuttle is made entirely from scratch.

Step 1: Plans

The space shuttle is a very nice looking space-craft. I didn't want my model to be disproportionate, so I recommand you to print this plan and use it as a template during the construction.

Step 2: Material

For this project you'll need:

-Electronic circuit in which you can take the components (and the epoxy green board)

-A soldering iron and soldier

-The template (step 1)

-Tools like saw, file, sandpaper, pliers ...

Step 3: The Base

These five pictures show the chronology of the base making :

1- Remove all the components of a board

2- Place the template on it and make sure there is enough space

3- Draw the shape with a marker

4- Cut roughly the external shape with a hand saw

5- Sand (sand belt, file or sandpaper) to have a nice shape

⚠️ Take precautions during the sanding (wear a mask)

Step 4: The Rudder

The rudder is a piece that I cut directly with ordinary scissors in a board of an old hard drive disc.

Then sand the edges with a fine sandpaper to make it nice and clean

Step 5: The Main Body

This step is the most creative one you can make the body as you want!

personally I soldered a capacitor in the middle and I placed two integrated circuits above it.

Then I made the sides of the body with all kinds of little components (resistors, ceramic capacitors ...).

I made the nose of the shuttle out of two IC, one LED and differents kinds of resistors.

For the engines part I used three capacitors and two quartz.

Step 6: [tip]

When you have to solder a component to the board you can re-use the pre-existing holes of the board! those are already tinned.

Step 7: The Base

I made a little base from scrap wood, I glued a bended wire on the back and I welded the other extremity to the shuttle. This is very simple and it makes a nice support for the space shuttle !

Step 8: End

This project is done, I hope you like it! if so, let me know in comments ;)

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