Introduction: Embossed Clay Star Christmas Decorations.

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My love affair with all things clay continues with these embossed clay stars. I can't get enough of this air drying clay. With christmas only a few weeks away clay tree decorations seemed like the best thing to make next.

Step 1:

Things you'll need to make these Embossed Clay Star Decorations:

Air drying clay.
A rolling pin.
Stamps, cable knit wool or anything else you want to use to make an impression in the clay.
A star shaped cookie cutter.
And some ribbon or string.

Wool Embossed Clay Star Decorations.

Start by rolling out your air hardening clay evenly to about 5mm thick.
Next take your cable knit wool and place it on top of the clay. Using the rolling pin press the wool firmly into the clay.
Make sure to apply even pressure with the rolling pin. You can always peel back a corner first to make sure you're happy with the pattern before you remove the whole thing.
Using your chosen cookie cutter cut out your clay shapes.
Punch a hole into the top of each star using a straw (see step 3) and leave to dry overnight. Remember the thicker the clay the longer it takes to dry.
When dry sand away any rough edges and thread on your ribbon or string.

Step 2:

I'm still in love with the stamps I used to make the stamped clay magnets and couldn't resist using them again here to make some stamped clay stars.

Step 3:

Carefully peel away any excess clay and using a straw or in this case a pen lid poke holes in the top of each star. Make sure you don't make the hole too close to the edge of your shape. I lost a few stars this way. The clay needs to be thick enough not to snap when the ribbon is threaded through.

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