Introduction: Emergency DiscOveralls (in 30 Minutes!)

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You check the clock. It's 30 minutes until dance time. These days, it's always 30 minutes until dance time. Your disco shorts smell like potatoes. Your onesies all have unexplainable Caprisun stains. You have nothing but some sequined fabric, some buttons, and your sheer indomitable will. The office needs you. Your class needs you. The dance floor needs you. No fear. You can create Emergency DiscOveralls!

  • What: Emergency DiscOveralls!
  • Why: Need you ask?
  • Why: Okay, you asked! It's super quick, easy, sequiny, and shocking in all the right ways.
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Cost: ~ $25, mostly for fabric
  • Materials:
    • Stretchy fabric (4-way stretch is ideal)
    • Overall buckles (sewing store)
    • Shiny strap material
    • Scraps of leather (or other firm fabric)
  • Tools:
    • Sewing Machine
    • Scissors
    • Pins
    • Hammer
    • Measuring Tape (the floppy kind)Let's disco-a-go-go. Because teachers need to dance, too.

WARNING: Emergency DiscOveralls are only for the user who needs to rock harder than factory-made clothing can supply. Please use responsibly as overalls can cause muscular injury of passers-by due to velocity of jaw drops.

Let's DISCO!

Step 1: Measure and Mark!

Fold your delightful fabric in half with the fun side in. Take some measurements and draw a loose pattern that looks like Mario's front. I measured waist, torso, crotch, leg width, shorts length, and the front of my chest (for coverage). I eyeballed the lines for angles, and you'll find stretchy fabric is pretty forgiving. You can also approximate how much curve to leave for the arms, but with overalls it doesn't have to be too exact. Mark it out!

Step 2: Pin and Cut!

Pin on the inside of your lines to keep everything in place. Then cut it out! You can feel the disco already!

Step 3: Sew It Up! Make Bonus Glitter!

Sew along the outsides, and around the crotch. Leave the top and legs open. If you're feeling fancy (and have more than 30 minutes until dance time), you can add a layer of fabric inside for comfort, or hem the edges. Otherwise, three lines on the machine (one is a V), and you're done! You'll also make bonus glitter all over the place! Flip it and check it out!

Step 4: Overall Straps!

Take your strap material, and approximate how long you would want it by pulling it over your chest, and cut two of them. Then fold the back of your overalls over about half an inch to make a hem that has a little more strength. Sew the straps to the ends of the back, and go over them several times as they'll be taking on a bit of force. You're looking quite strapping!

Step 5: Buckle Prep!

Take your buckle kit out, and cut four scraps of leather that are going to act as washers to keep the buckles from tearing your sensitive fabric. Now fold the top of the front of your overalls over about half an inch and sew that too to give it double strength.

Step 6: Buckle Down!

Poke holes through the leather, and make a stack of (from top to bottom) button's back, leather, sequin fabric, leather, button and hammer them together. When you flip it around to the front, you'll see your button on the sequin side. Looking good!

Next up, thread your straps through the buckles and pull tight. You can even tie a knot to keep them in place once you find your right length. If you want, you can trim off the extra straps and have a fixed length to your overalls.

Step 7: Emergency Dance Party!

The time has come! Your thirty minutes are up! The world needs you to dance, and you are up for the challenge! Throw on those overalls (and maybe some tights underneath), and dance the day/night/nextday away! You are both ready for dance emergencies are you are ready to be the emergency yourself.

Adjust, dance, repair, dance, amaze, play, dance, and have fun. I hope you enjoy this wonderfully easy, quick tutorial for how you can make some quick party overalls, as it was fun to make it!

Show me your Emergency DiscOveralls below or send me comments!

Step 8: