Introduction: Emergency Pants Button

About: Jack of all trades... master of none. :)

I was at work and the center of the cheap plastic button of my pants broke off. Fortunately I had access to tools at my job and decided to make my own button.

To duplicate my version you'll need:


1 Button-sized coin
1 Zip-tie fastener


Drill with drill bit
Vise or other tool to hold the coin
Punch tool

Step 1: Drill Holes

Using a vise, grip the coin by the edge and drill two holes large enough for the zip-tie fastener to fit into them.

Step 2: Make Holes in Pants

With a very thin or sharp object, puncture two small holes into your pants where the button would go. (not too close to each other)

Step 3: Fasten Coin

Fasten the coin with zip-tie as shown.

Step 4: Cut Off Excess Tie

Cut off the excess from the zip-tie once fastened.

Step 5: Finished!

Enjoy your new button! :)