Introduction: Epoxy Faucet Light

Epoxy blue faucet light


Epoxy, blue coloring, faucet, packaging tape, hot glue, acrylic transparent sheet, wax paper, mixing sticks, a wine glass, a box, gloves, waterprood faury lights

Step 1:

Step 2: Making the Tube for Faucet

Take the faucet and with the acrylic sheet roll it into a firm tube and place one end in the faucet making sure it holds in the faucet then take the packaging tape an erap it around the entire tube while in faucet once did that hot glue the base of the faucet and all the edges of the tape that way there are no leaks when you pour the epoxy

Step 3: Preparing for the Epoxy

After you got the tubing done take the fairy lights and run them through the faucet and through the tube making sure you have extra for the wine glass at the end of the tube then secure the faucet down on wax paper with any type of supports to brace it against so it doesnt fall over using the tape again to hold down the faucet as well

Step 4: Epoxy

Once secured you can now mix up the epoxy using a drop or two of blue coloring as you mix it to give it that aqua color measurements on how much epoxy to use determines on the size of your tube and the wine glass you use once epoxy is mixed to your liking pour into the tube also making sure the faucet is shut to off once poured wait 48 hours for it to cure completely

Step 5: More Epoxy

After 48 hours take the faucet and begin peeling off the tape and acrylic sheet tubing now use a card board box and support the faucet in it with the tape and anything else that can weigh on the box to keep it from tipping over once your faucet is secured take your wine glass and place it under the epoxy water of your faucet make sure to place it in the middle of the glass and that its partially in it so when you pour the epoxy it will cure around it and support the weight as well

Step 6: Finishing

Now mix up some more epoxy and pour into the wine glass then let it cure for 48 hours once its cured remove it from the box and if you want to like me i took alittle glitter glue and brushed it around the water part of the faucet light to give it more bubbly detail then i placed it against my wall and with some extra shiney stones and beads i decorated around it and now have an epoxy faucet light
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