Introduction: Epoxy / UV Resin + Dichroic Film Pendent

Hi, combination of UV resin / Epoxy and Dichroic Film is amazing, hope you like the design and with your creativity, you too can make amazing jewelry that will dazzle everyone.


1) Dichroic Film

2) Clear UV resin / Epoxy & UV lamp

3) Silicon mold for pendent

4) Blade or scissor to cut

5) Tissue to clean

6) Rubbing / Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning

7) Chain, ring or hook

8) Scale and pencil to measure and sketch

Step 1: Measure Your Silicon Mold

Measure your silicon mold, I took simple rectangle which had a hole for chain hook. This will be used to cut the Dichroic Film.

Step 2: Sketch and Cut Dichroic Film

Step 3: Check the Cut Dichroic Film

Check your cut Dichroic Film in the mold to see if it fits

Step 4: Cut Out for Hole in Dichroic Film

Mark the hole required for hole and the hole in Dichroic Film to fit a chain hook

Step 5: Check Again the Dichroic Film Fits in the Mold

Check again the Dichroic Film fits in the mold and then remove it

Step 6: Add a Layer of UV Resin / Epoxy in the Mold

Add a layer of UV resin / Epoxy in the mold, fill only a bit less than half of mold, to form a thick layer. Spread evenly and keep it on a flat surface, try to remove the big bubbles using the blade or any pointed object. Anyways for my design the bubbles look good, so I kept some small bubbles. The resin is thick so give some time to settle and form a smooth flat layer.

Step 7: Dry It Under UV Lamp for a Minute

Remember the more you try to dry some resin tends to become yellow, besides this produces heat.

Step 8: Place Few More Drops and Add the Cut Dichroic Film

Again try to remove the big bubbles

Step 9: Fill the Mold With UV Resin / Epoxy to the Rim

Again try to remove all big bubbles, the resin is thick so give some time to settle and form a smooth flat layer.

Step 10: Again Put It Under UV Lamp for a Minute to Dry

Step 11: Remove Your Mold Pendent

It would be warm after UV lamp process, give some time to cool before removing.

Step 12: Clean Using

If you feel the surface is still sticky, then don't try to use UV lamp again as it might start turning yellow, use a tissue and Isopropyl Alcohol to clean, in many cases people use clear nail polish to make surface look nice smooth and glossy.

Step 13: Use It As a Pendent

So if you have the hook and chain, then use it as a pendent. It can be used as earring.

If you are creative and good at cutting nice shapes and placing them, you can make more amazing design, like I tried with 3 hearts cut from Dichroic Film.

Best of luck !!!

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