Introduction: Evil Dead: Necronomicon: Book of the Dead

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"Legend has it that that it was written by the dark ones. Necronomicon Ex Mortis: Roughly Translated, Book of the Dead. The book served as a passageway to the evil worlds beyond. It was written long ago; When the seas ran red with blood. It was this blood that was used to ink the book. In the year 1300 A.D, the book disappeared." - Professor Knowby (Evil Dead 2)

In my Evil Dead: Chainsaw Arm Instructable, I stated that I wanted to make the Necronomicon to go with it. After "cough" two days, I decided I was going to do it anyways. Here is how to make your own Evil Dead: Necronomicon: Book of the Dead.

Step 1: The Basic Outline

I wanted my book to be more like the one from the first Evil Dead, which was smaller then the others. I got some foam board, a movie (for the case), and an X-Acto knife. I took the movie case and trace it onto the foam board. I did this twice. Then take the movie case and and put it on its side and trace it twice next to each other. I cut out all the pieces and set them down.

Step 2: Making It a Book

I found some masking tape and curled it into the basic shape of the face (eyelids, mouth, etc) and cut a piece of foam out in the shape of the nose. I glued them them to the one of the covers. I took all the pieces and lined them up. I taped them together and folded them so that they where like a book. Now its time for the messy part.

Step 3: "Bound in Human Flesh..."

to get the look of the classic Necronomicon, I took paper mache and paper towels. I covered the whole thing with the paper towels dipped in paper mache. I scrunched them up so that they look like wrinkles. To make sure they dry quicker, I tried to blow dry the the book. That took to long, so I ended up putting it in front of my heater. That dried it much faster.

Step 4: Painting the Cover

I found a tan-ish kind of spray paint and painted the whole thing. I then mixed some black and brown acrylic paint and painted the eyes and the mouth. To make the wrinkles pop out, I mixed black paint with water. I painted it with the mixure, and then painted it again with plain water. This got the black paint in only the crevices. Let it dry and you are done with the covers. Put the cover aside, Its time for the pages.

Step 5: "... and Inked in Blood"

Here are some pictures, download them onto your computer, you will then want to print them out using red ink. Adjust them so that they fit in the book. Print the ones that are pictures only once. The ones with text, print as many times as you can so that they fill the book.

Step 6: The Pages

Printed out the the pages. I cut them so that they fit in the book. I put them in the order I wanted them in and made some tea. I poured the tea in a cake pan. I crinkled the pages into a ball and flattened it out. I took the pages and dipped them in the tea. I set them out to dry. The next morning they looked exactly the way I wanted them to.

Step 7: Putting Them Into the Book

I cut a piece of cardboard and made sure it fit in the book. I took the pages and stacked them. I put hot glue on the cardboard strip. Glue the pages onto the cardboard. Reinforce it with tape. Take the cardboard strip and glue it into the book.

Step 8: "I Have Seen the Dark Shadows in the Woods, and I Have No Doubt That What Ever I Have Resurrected Through This Book: Is Sure to Come Calling. for Me"

Done! It looks a lot better then then the one I made to hold my DVD's in (it looked like crap). I hope you like this instructable! If you have any suggestions on how I could make it better, comment below. If you want to see more replicas, follow me. This build was made for under $10. More Builds to Come! Check out my Evil Dead: Chainsaw Arm. If you build one I would love to see it!

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