Evil Snowman

Introduction: Evil Snowman

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So this is a little late but TADA! Evil snowman. Haha. I really like how the scarf turned out. What do you think? Youtube.com/msmaomaoz

Step 1: Outline

As always I took my white eyeliner to map out the face. I mapped out the mouth, eyes, and nose.

Step 2: Base

I used white body paint to cover most of my face with it as the base.

Step 3: Icy

I used light bright blue and dark bright blue eye shadow from my Urban Decay eye shadow pallet to go over the contours of my face and around the eyes. This is just a start for the icy blue I wanted to add to the snowman.

Step 4: Nose

I used orange body paint from Mehron to fill in the carrot nose. I then used red and orange eye shadow from my NYX ultimate eye shadow pallet to give the nose some texture and character. I also used the same blue eye shadows to shadow around the nose and I made the colors more vibrant. I also used a little bit of black shadow from Urban Decay called blackout to deepen it up just a little.

Step 5: Start of Eyes

I used black body paint from Mehron to fill in the eyes in a lumpy fashion and I lightly shadowed more around the eyes to bring out more blue. (with the same blue shadows)

Step 6: Angry!

I wanted the snowman to look angry so I used the same blue shadows to make an angry brow look then I used it to make some wrinkles between my eyes. I also took white body paint to highlight the brow.

Step 7: Texture for the Eyes

I used a black stipple sponge with some light gray body paint from Mehron to add texture to my eyes. I also took a small brush to add some highlight.

Step 8: Mouth

to start the mouth by filling it in with some black body paint.

Step 9: Shadowing

around the mouth I added more shadows with the same blue shadows, I also used a little black shadow. I made mouth wrinkles using all the same eye shadows I had been using. This helps with depth.

Step 10: Body Start

To start the body I used a white eyeliner to map out the scarf and buttons.

Step 11: Body Base

I used the white body paint to fill in the body.

Step 12: Scarf Start

I used bright red body paint from Merhon to fill in the scarf. Then I took some dark red bod paint to start the shadowing.

Step 13: Texture

To make the scarf texture I used an angled brush and took some white body paint and stamped it onto the scarf in lines going in all the same direction then I took dark red body paint and did the same thing only I made it go the other direction from the white. I then took black eye shadow and shadowed more around the scarf. I took more blue shadow and shadowed around the scarf as well.

Step 14: Buttons

I took black and filled in the buttons and used the stipple sponge with gray body paint to texture them.

Step 15: Shadowed

I used the same blue shadows and dusted it around the whole body to give that icy look and obviously around the buttons as well. AND THAT IS IT! WOO! I hope you liked this. =D

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    2 years ago

    Where do you buy the body and head paint??


    2 years ago

    Stunning work!


    2 years ago

    Your transformations still impress me. Thumbs Up!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you so much! =)