Introduction: Exfoliating Body Butter

I have recently shifted to a flat which lacks in heatered water system. During winter season I boil water on the stove for showers.

And due to the fact that it is pretty cold outside I can't really stand to apply lotions or exfoliate my skin properly.

Due to these reasons my skin became pretty rough and cracked.

Thus in such circumstances, having a good moisturizing beauty bar was starting to become a necessity.

Thinking over what i could do, i finally decided to do something for my skin. So the idea to exfoliate and moisturize together, popped in my brain.

Continue reading so i can provide you with the recipe.

Step 1: Ingredients

It is pretty warm climate in india, however in winters you need somthing less greasy and more moisturing

I decided to use shea butter for the softness and kokum butter as my base butter.

Kokum butter is pretty thick as it has high melting point , for me it was a good base.

I use 60 grams kokum butter and 30 grams shea butter (omit the picture of grams)

The reason of this ratio was that i wanted 7 grams of all oils added to it too

Use double boiler method and melt them

Step 2:

I used 7 grams of oil ( half teaspoon)

Add extra virgin olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, jojoba oil, pomegranate seed oil together making a total of 7 grams quantity

Step 3:

Add lavender essential oil and ylang ylang essential oil ( i like these two alot)

Step 4:

Once butters are melted add the oils let it start to get cool.

Mix in the rice powder and kidney bean powder and almond powder

Keep mixing so they don't settle at the bottom. Once they are throughly mixed pop them in freezer.

Step 5:

Concentration level ,
One u reach this level . Pop it in freezer

Step 6:

After 5 minutes

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