Introduction: Explosion Box: Wedding Chapel

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Hello and welcome back to another crafting tutorial from Paper Chaser TO. Today we have something very special and lovely for you guys to make with us. It's an explosion box, but it's in the shape of a wedding chapel. Awesome right?

Let's get started with the materials that you'll be needing:

  • Explosion Box Template
  • Glue
  • Score Board
  • X-acto Knife
  • Soft Material (eraser, cutting mat, sponge)
  • Rounded Tip Score Tool or Empty Ballpoint Pen
  • Markers

Print and cut your template onto cardstock. I've chosen to cut the lid, box, sash, arch, flowers, and aisle runner on ivory cardstock; roof and pews from brown cardstock, and the greenery arch on the green. Cut the solid lines and score on the dashed.

Step 1: Creating the Pew

  1. Fold on all of the dashed lines.
  2. Glue the side (blue) tabs onto the back (green) of the pew.
  3. Glue the seat (purple) in down on itself.
  4. Glue the small back section to the rest of the back.
  5. Repeat to the rest of the pews for a total of 10.
  6. Take the sash and add glue to the top of the sash arch.
  7. Glue the 1 sash on the right of the pews and the other on the left.

Step 2: Creating the Lid and Roof

  1. Glue the front and back of the lid to the main lid body.
  2. Begin assembling the roof. Fold the roof body in half and the tabs upwards. Fold the tower piece to create a square loop. Fold the triangular piece to make a square-based pyramid, fold the tabs outward.
  3. Glue the pyramid tabs together, do not glue the bottom tabs yet. Glue the tower piece together. Then glue the tower to the bottom of the pyramid.
  4. Attach the glued tower to the tabs on the roof body.
  5. Glue the roof to the lid. Make sure you cover the top of the lid with enough glue to keep the roof attached.


  1. Glue the window cutouts onto the outside of the box and fold the box together at the score lines.
  2. Glue the flooring onto the inside of the box. Along with the aisle runner centred to the front doors.

Step 4: Creating the Arc

  1. Glue together the base of the arch.
  2. Fold the arch back onto the base and glue it into place.
  3. Glue the greenery arch onto the front of the arch.

Step 5: Creating the Flowers

  1. Take the flowers and place them on something soft yet firm like an eraser. Using your rounded tip score tool or an empty ballpoint pen, press into the centre of the flower while rotating in a circular motion to create a rounded flower.
  2. Glue onto the arch and the pews.

Step 6: Putting It Altogether

Glue the bottom and back of the arch base and attach to the bottom of the box and the panel with the large arched windows. Glue the pews to the floor of the box making sure the sash faces the aisle runner and facing forward towards the arch.