Introduction: Extensible/modular Jewellery Hanger/rack

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This Instructable shows a simple, but effective and modular jewellery hanger.

It can hung on a wall or stacked, hanging on a rack or in a wardrobe.

You could fit a lot of these in a wardrobe, and put them out individually for easy access or to match with your clothing, so I'm told ;)

Step 1: Gather Some Items

Get your mits on:

  • a good quality (metal or metal based) coathanger (I purchased ours from a cheap/$2 store and they are heaps better than the plastic ones from Coles that break after a while!),
  • some stick-on hooks,
  • a few cable ties (zip-ties),
  • flush-cutters (scissors or side-cutters may be sufficient),
  • drill and drill bits to suit the cable-tie width,
  • CA glue (Cyanoacrylate adhesive), sometimes known as instant glue or superglue and
  • a sheet of hard plastic.

My sheet of plastic was form a defunct computer monitor, but this could be really anything, even plywood.

Step 2:

  1. Evenly mark out where you would like to adhere your hooks. It is beneficial to have the hooks on each row offset from the ones above and below (if applicable); that gives you longer hanging space! You can see I could have done better. You can put masking-tape down first as not to mark your sheet.
  2. I'm sure you can work out the rest, but for completeness, here we go... Glue the hooks to the sheet. Allow ample time to dry/set.
  3. Drill out a few holes in the sheet where the cable-ties will attach it to the coathanger. Go slow as not to crack/split the plastic sheet. Again, you can put masking-tape down first as not to mark your sheet and this will, also, give you a cleaner drill hole.
  4. Attach the sheet to the coathanger with some ties.
  5. Trim off the excess cable-ties as flush as possible, as not to snag clothing or skin! A little glue could be used on the cut end of the ties if you cannot get a smooth or close enough trim.
  6. Fill with jewellery and enjoy!

I guess I'll have to make some more!

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