Introduction: Extreme Makeover: From Rapunzel to Harry Potter

Hi everyone! :)

So this tutorial will show you how to modifie an image. In this example I started from a picture of Rapunzel: the final result is the same image but with an "Harry Potter style" :)

Enjoy ;)

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Here there is the video tutorial to see how I made it.

Anything you should know is:

  • to change the color of the image: create a new layer and then set it to 'color' (now every color you put on the image would change the color without changing the shape)
  • to melt color: click on 'filter' and then on 'Gaussiana' (it will show you how much the image will be after this filter)
  • to add the background: add a new layer and put it before all the others
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