Introduction: Extremely Small Miniature Globe Made Out of Chalk!

In this project i will be showing you how to make a globe out of a chalk piece.

This globe is extremely small, its height is 1.6 cm and width is 1 cm.

You need to have a lot of patience for making this as it takes time depending on how do it.



Paper Cutter


Paints -




Paint Brush

Step 1: Getting Ready

Choose a peaceful spot to start carving the chalk.

Then place a globe in front of you if you want to take reference.

Step 2: Carving 1

Start carving the top part or the globe part on the chalk slowly.

Tip: Carve the globe very carefully or it may break.

Step 3: Carving 2

After you finish carving the top part of the globe start carving the bottom part or the stand part

Step 4: Painting

After you finish carving the globe start painting.

First paint the stand black.

Then paint the globe in blue and green, i used dark and light green to make it look better.

Step 5: And Thats It Your Miniature Globe Is Ready for Display!

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