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Introduction: Eye-Popping Good

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A fun and eerie Halloween treat. Not too hard to get a eye-catching result.

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Pretty simple set up.
You will need twizzler pull and peels
Cake pops, candy melts and
Sprinkles (optional)

Step 2: Cake Pops

The basis of this treat is a cake pop. First of make a few cake pops a little smaller than golf ball size. Any flavor will do. These are vanilla. To make a cake pop you basically bake one cake from a box. Follow directions and let cool.
Crumble up cake mix into fine crumbs in a bowl.
Put in a couple heaping table spoons of icing. Mix that together and keep adding icing until you get the consistency of a pliable dough.
Roll those in to balls.
Dip a sucker stick into candy melts.
Put the stick in the center of a ball. let the candy set.
Dunk the whole ball into candy melts and gently tap off excess candy.
You will work with the cake pop as the candy sets. ( You need the soft candy to be wet so you can "glue" on the licorice. )
It takes a little practice but you'll fly through them once you get the hang of it.

Step 3: Blood Vessels

These "blood vessels" and "eye muscles" are actually, you guessed it pull and peel licorice.
Try to keep 3 or 4 in a bunch, pull off both ends so that the end loses that blunt look.
Then gently peel apart the top of a bunch.
This piece should be about 2-3" long.
Then gently press this into the gooey candy melts and hold for a bit until it stays put.
Do 3 bunches per eye, and add a few single strands for more detail.

Step 4: Add Pupil and Iris

The pupil and Iris are also made from candy melts.
I just spooned a little on the top of each eye,
first in green. then sprinkled green sprinkles on that,
then top with a little dot of black melted candy.
You could also press an upsidedown chocolate chip in for the pupil.
Then add a couple tiny white dots of candy for the highlights of the eye.
Let all the candy set then you are finished!

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