Introduction: Eye Steam Mask

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I bought a Panasonic electronic steam mask a few month ago, but I found its battery life doesnt last long ( it has 24 minutes of use each time), so I came up an idea of using plastic-paper board to build a steam mask. Here is what you need.

1) A glasses frame without lens X1

2) Plastic thin board. X1

3) Cutter X1

4) Disposable heat pad X1(optional)

5) Handkerchief X1

6) Hole puncher X1

Step 1: Draw and Cut

Start by drawing up outline on plastic board, and cut out the shape with a cutter. Since the plastic-paper board has certain thickness, and it is not easy to bend it, slightly cut a line to the crease where you'd like it to be folded without cutting through it, Punch some holes around the eyes' .area for the purpose of letting steam out, Open pack of disposable heat pad. (this is optional,Normally heat pad will last for 20 hrs of usage, so please be careful of using it for eye mask each time not to exceed a safe time range let's say 10 minutes==> at least it is the time my Panasonic eye mask works each time, )

Wrap the heat pad with half dried handkerchief. Try tuck in the heat pad and soaking wet handkerchief together into the ready -to- fold plastic board and.fold it up. Have your glasses frame through the paper board as the image shows. It is a very easy to build eye steam mask, and as mentioned before, "please be very careful with the heat pad and the duration of time usage as the heat pad can reach quite high temperature of 50 degree or higher and try to avoid heat pad direct contact with the skin" alternative way is to soak ur handkerchief wet with warm or hot water, and wring it to dry instead of using heat pad Enjoy~