Introduction: Eyeball Cake

How to make an eyeball cake

Step 1: Make Cake Batter As Directed or Desired

I used a boxed cake mix.

Step 2: Grease an Oven-safe Bowl or Hemisphere Pan and Pour in Mix

You will need two hemispheres.

Step 3: Bake As Directed or Until Tester Comes Out Clean

Step 4: Cut Off Excess Cake

Step 5: Flatten White Fondant

Step 6: Frost a Hemisphere

Step 7: Apply the Fondant

Step 8: Cut Off the Excess

Step 9: Flatten and Smooth Pink Fondant

Step 10: Frost the Second Hemisphere

Step 11: Place the Hemisphere on the Fondant

Step 12: Wrap the Fondant Around the Cake and Form a Tail

Step 13: Apply More Fondant As Needed

Step 14: Frost the Top of the Hemisphere

Step 15: Place the White Hemisphere on Top and Wrap in Pink Fondant

Step 16: Use Red Frosting to Fill Any Gaps

Step 17: Use a Fondant of Your Choice for the Iris

Step 18: Use Icing Color to Add Details to the Iris and Sclera

Step 19: Use Red Icing Color to Simulate Blood on the Pink Fondant

Step 20: Et Voila!

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