Introduction: FLOWER POT

Hi my name is Nageshwari from Whitefield Nook today i will show how to make flower pot.



  • Ice cream sticks
  • Pop sticks
  • Color papers
  • Gum
  • Scissor

Step 1: Ice Cream Sticks

  • Step:2
  • First i took ice sticks and do like a triangle shape shown in figure.
  • And take a pop stick and fix in that triangle shown in figure
  • Like triangle shape make a 5 shields in the pot shape.



  • Take a color paper and cut in a triangle shape and paste in a ice shield pot .
  • Next i will show how to make flower.
  • Take a peace of paper in 6 into 6 length of color paper.
  • And fold like a triangle shape 3 times.
  • And cut it like a leaf shape shown in figure then flower is ready

Step 3:

Step ; 3

Take a color paper flowers and leafs decorate the ice cream stick pot then flower pot is now ready.