Yo guys. I'd completely forgot about this website until I found my old Knex rifle the other day. I was... "dormant." My gun is all modded up and wicked, but I have one crucial piece missing. A CLIP. I currently have this little thing that i call a filler. And yes, it fills.

I searched my Knex bin far and wide but failed to find the answer, so maybe you people can. This is a very awkward size for a clip, it's 2.5 spaces wide (piece+spacer+piece) and I'm looking for maybe a five round mag that takes at least 5 *blue* rounds. IT HAS TO BE THE SAME SIZE AS THE ONE PICTURED. If any of you are up to the challenge, I'm all ears (eyes). All of your submissions will be tested as long as they meet the criteria explained. It's also okay to modify pieces: cuts, sanding down, etc. THANKS A BUNCH

I'm working on a VERY VERY special revolutionary thing in the Knex gun world, so if I can fix this clip dilemma, I'll be able to post this. No lies, I swear I will post. In truth, the "revolution" is already completed (in a demo video!)-- but I'm using it as a ransom for the clip! Mwhahaha.

Again, thanks for reading if you actually took the time.