Fabric Flowers




Introduction: Fabric Flowers

How to make Fabric flowers, as a broach or hair-slide

Step 1: Fabric Flowers

To make Fabric flowers, cut 5 circles out of material.  An old CD is a good size.
Iron them flat and then fold again and again and iron flat, to make a triangle with a rounded edge.

Step 2: Sewing Them On

Then line them up so that the folded edges are all the same way around.
Use a long piece of cotton and fold it over to thread it, so when you use the cotton it is 4 strands not one, you need the extra strength.
Then make quite large stitches along the rounded edge of the triangle, continue with all 5.

Step 3: Tying Off

Then push all of the sewn on petals together and line them up.  Tie them tightly to form a tight circle.
Tie a few knots to ensure it all stays together.

Step 4: Glueing

Decide which way up you want the flower.
Then glue a button on the front of the flower.  This will hide all of your untidy edges.  Cut a circle of foam or felt to stick on the back.  Then attach a broach bar or hairslide.

Step 5: Done

Make sure all of the petals are folded the same way.  You can open up the folded edge for a fuller flower.
As a variation, you can make a 4 petal flower by only folding the circle once and sewing around the curved edge. 

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9 years ago on Introduction

i just finished making one of these and omg i love it. I made mine slightly smaller than what you said and sewed fabric on the back so i could put it on a headband. I can see myself making a lot of these, thanks so much for the idea.


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Yes, I've put a few on shopping bags too, in a complimentary colour. Thanks Jenny x