Introduction: Face Mask(super Easy!)

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If you ever forget do bring your face mask, or you don’t have one this is what you use!👍It is very convenient when you are not prepared!


Paper towel
2 rubber bands

Step 1: Fold

Fold your paper towel like you would if you were making a paper fan.(fold, flip over, fold, flip etc.)

Step 2: Assemble

Fold the paper towel end over the rubber band. The more you fold over the smaller your mask will be, the less you fold the bigger it will be. Staple it on the rubber band. Do to the other side.

Step 3: Wearing It/ Storing It

If you are not ready to wear it right away, this is how you store it. Fold it in half. Fold it again. Tie the rubber bands around it. If you want to wear it right away this is how you put it on. Fluff out the folds, and put it in your face.