Introduction: House Shoes( I’ve Been Holding This Off for 2 Weeks)

About: Hi. I am a student. I crochet, and do many crafts. I am very creative and I love trying out new things! I am also a self taught gymnast/contortionist. I basically D.I.Y EVERYTHING!😁

If you want to wear just some comfortable shoes in the house make these! So, my cousins came to visit 2 weeks ago, and they saw somebody make cardboard shoes, so they wanted to make some. So we got everything out and started, but we had to eat dinner. But when we came back we just started playing. We said we will do it tomorrow for a week until they had to leave. So I was busy for the whole week ( I just didn’t feel like making it) but on Sunday I decided I will make them.( I abandoned it cause I forgot to make it.


Paper towel or toilet paper roll
Fluffy yarn
Decorated paper
Headband material

Step 1: Trace

Take a shoe of yours and trace it on the cardboard. Do the same to the other shoe.

Step 2: Cut

Cut out the traced part of the cardboard. Take your toilet/ paper towel roll,cut down the middle, and cut a strip as wide as you want. Then take your foot and put the strip on it to see how big it needs to be. Make it a little bit bigger than it needs to because you need to attach it to the shoe. Trim it, and make a duplicate.

Step 3: Almost Done!

Get your patterned paper and Trace the cardboard shoe on it an cut it out. Then glue it on to it.

Step 4: Assemble

Cut your yarn into pieces and glue them onto the cardboard until it’s full. Then get your headband material and tape it onto the back of the cardboard.( I know in the beginning I said we are using cardboard strips for this part, but I just found this material and I thought it was better.) Do to the same to the other cardboard.

Step 5: YOU ARE DONE ✅

(Make sure you let the glue dry before wearing it) Enjoy 😊