Introduction: Face Shield SVG File

This is a make at home DIY face shield, you do not need a 3D printer, it is made from card and acetate such as OHP sheets or any other clear plastic you can get.

cut manilla folder where it naturally folds, this should give you two pieces

* 1@24x34cm front layer

* 1@22.5x34cm back layer

* head band is cut from the center waste of front layer

SVG is designed to be placed on left edge of cutting mat.

Cut 1 front, 1 back and head band from center waste.

Lay top layer face down, glue all around opening, lay acetate on top, put another layer of glue and put back layer on. The front and back layers line up, there is a small bump so you know when you have it lined up. The head band is slightly narrower, when holes are lined up this provides a breathing vent which helps prevent fogging


1 sheet acetate or other suitable plastic sheet, file covers work well. 1 manilla foolscap folder, Some adhesive, Elastic or other material to make suitable ties. If you are struggling to find elastic, you can cut a strip of t shirt about 1 inch wide and stretch it the material will roll in on itself and provide you with a soft cord to use to make ties.


This file contains the svg for cutting the three pieces of the mask