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Introduction: Fairy in a Glass Jar

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Hey there! This is a cute project which I recently made for my little niece.She is 5 years old and very much adorable.She is obsessed with fairy's and lights so I decided to make a fairy locked up in the glass jar for her which she can hold it and have fun with it. She can talk with her new best friend and share her little secrets.

Step 1: Choosing the Glass Jar

First I had to choose a glass jar of perfect shape.I had many glass jar's in the kitchen which my mom was forcing me to discard them as they were of no use.So I grabbed one of them and decided to use it for my project.Then I took a tracing paper,brush and glue

Step 2: Gluing the Tracing Paper on the Jar

I took a tracing paper and placed it on flat surface.I chose tracing paper rather than any other type of paper because I wanted the fairy to be seen through so I had to take a thin paper.Then I added few drops of water in glue and with a brush I applied glue on the glass jar.When I was done applying glue on one side I placed it on the tracing paper so that it will stick on it and then covered the whole jar with tracing paper.After I was done sticking the tracing paper I allowed it to dry for 3-4 hours.

Step 3: Sticking the Fairy

I searched on google for getting the perfect picture of fairy that will suit on the jar.After surfing on net for hours together I finally got a picture which was actually a silhouette of tinker bell because my niece loves tinker bell movies alot. Here is the link from where I downloaded mine https://i3.silhcdn.com/3/i/shapes/lg/5/1/d133115.jpg . I took a print out of it after editing the size that will fit on to the jar.Then I stuck it inside.

Step 4: Adding Accessories

For adding some look to it I took a fold-able golden wire,rope and artificial decorative key.I tied the rope on the jar followed by golden wire in which I inserted key just to make the look more natural.I decided to go with these elements because it will enhance the look of fairy being locked in the jar with the key being tied outside.

Step 5: Making Artificial Flower

For making artificial flower I took a paper and then I cut it in the following shape as shown in the image.This was my first attempt for making flower so I took rough paper first to see how it goes.Then I rolled the paper simultaneously and stuck it.Then I teased the paper outward to give it a look of a flower.When I was satisfied with the look I made it with fair paper having length 30 cm and 2 inch wide.I took cream and black color for this.

Step 6: Final Step

Then finally I bought an artificial light which I got for few bucks and placed it inside the jar.Then I added some glitter here and there on the tracing paper for shine. Hola! the cute gift was ready.

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for posting this! Going to make this for my granddaughter!