Introduction: Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Key Chain (Quantum)

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Fallout 4 is currently taking so much of my time I don´t want to craft anything big now. but I found something super cool in the game which is not that hard to recreate.

the glowing Nuka Cola key Chains

with the guide of this instructalbe you can do any key chain in any shape you like.

Step 1: Materials

you will need the following materials:
-paper and pen

-wax (or clay or an other sculpting material you like)

-duplicating silicon

-clear liquid plastic ( or colored plastic you like)

-phosphorescent pigment

-a key ring


Step 2: Wax Sculpture

(if your using clay simply replace the word wax with clay ;) ^^ )

allways I start by making a pattern. this time 3dimensional. it´s simlpy 2 sketches barged into each other and fixated with wax (pic 1)

I stabilized the paper pattern with more of the very strong wax.
then I roughly filled up the gaps with weaker wax. I used way more wax then necessary to have enough wax to grate away. after the pattern is filled up, I stared scratching the wax to a rough bottle shape (pic 2)

but the shape of a bottle is pretty hard to reproduce.
so I used half of the cut out from the pattern to reproduce it. I circled around the bottle with the pattern and scratched way the wax untill the gap bitween bottle and cutout is gone (pic 3)

(tip: you can polish wax with a wet spong or cotton)

finish of the modellation is a tiny bottle cap.

this is simply made from a very thin wax board I bend over the bolltes neck (pic 4)

Step 3: Raw Cast

because the surface is of a bottle needs to be perfect. I had to do a raw cast. that means casting the bottle with a junk mold, sanding the surface to perfection and then make the final mold and recast it.

to do so I wax on a sprue on the bottem of the bottle ( for the final mold I waxedit on on the bottle cap because it´s easyer to cast). then I but that in a pipe and filled that pipe up with silicon)

on the first picture of the first picture^^ you can see the junk mold and junk cast made from smoothcast 65D (2nd) on the (3rd) picture I put on spary filler and sanded it .on picture (4th) you can see that I made space for the key ring. the plan is to directly cast the ring in the bottle because it would be to hard to threat it in afterwards. so it needs to be in the mold. picture (5) shows that the ring is fixated with wax. now the bottle is ready to be molded (6.)

Step 4: Mold

now the bottle is ready to be molded. for that I made a box from wax boards.
I put in the bottle but its not laying on the ground. it´s hold by the wax sprues up in the air so the silicon can encase the bottle. I filled it up halfway an let it cure. then I made this little humps and put them on the surfe with some silicon. this things are pretty improtant!!! they help finding the two peaces of the mold fall into place perfectly. isolate the cured silicon and fill the box up with some more. the 3rd picture shows that I´ll put cast the ring directly inside the bottle. before casting it I diped it in hot wax. this will create space for the ring to circle when I put on a key

Step 5: Casting

Glow in the dark

for the glow effect I use a blue phosphorescent pigment (stronziumaluminat). it will be mixted in the casting material. on the picture you can see the fully charged pigment . I charged it by an UV-lamp and it is glowing extremly bright. I love this stuff but it´s pretty expensive


the plastic I use is a clear methyl methacrylate.

in that I mix the phosphorescent pigment. ---------!!!Attention!!!--------------- the pigment is insoluble. that means it doesn´t link to plastic nor water etc. . that means if you pour the pigment into plastic and the plastic has a low viscosity, the pigment will sag to the bottom.

to make the mold last longer isolate the silicon before you pour in the plastic. I use a mold release spray but you also can use vaseline.

don´t forget to insert the key ring you dipped in wax.

then close the mold simply pour in the wellmixed plastic and let it you the way it is described in the plastics manual.

on the last picture you can see how my working space looked after I casted some bottles ^^

Step 6: Final Steps

this is what the cast looked like after I pulled it.
after I got rid of the sprue by grinding it, I polisched the surface with pumice stone. to get rid of the wax wich is covering the ring I used a steam jet. the cheap way is to simply head up the ring and sponge up the melted wax. now the ring should be free and circle a whole round. if not you will not be able to threat a key on it.

now is the time for a first glow test. I charged it up with an UV lamp and.... it came out pretty nicely, don´t you thing?

I´m very satisfied with the relsult.

final step is to paint them. I used a airbrush gun to do so

Step 7: Done

the clear not glowing one is an other version I made. this one isn´t , as fare as I know, in the game. I made this because I wanted to produce a couple bottles but hadn´t had enough phosphorescent pigment. hope you like the idea

I made some more bottles for friends and put them in a falloutish display ^^

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