Introduction: Family Favourite Chilli

This is really simple to make and you can cook it for as little or as long as you like. It's filling, easy to freeze, and can be used as a base for other dishes.

Step 1: Ingredients

For a panful! (About 6 people, depending on what you serve it with)

At least 500g lean beef mince. (I had a 675g pack so used it all)

Onions (I had a red one and a brown one so used both)

A load of garlic (I used 5 cloves)

1 tbsp cumin

1 tbsp mild chilli (the kids are eating this one, but you can up the spice as much as you like)

1 tsp paprika

2 squares dark chocolate

1 tin kidney beans

1 tin tomatoes

2 tbsps tomato puree

About 300-400ml beef stock.

1 red pepper.

Step 2: Meat First

Dry fry the mince in batches in a large saucepan until browned.

Break up the mince as its cooking into small pieces.

Use a slotted spoon to remove the mince from the pan and drain on kitchen paper.

Step 3: Veg Time

Chop the onions and add to the pan.

There still should be some fat and meat juices left from the mince. If not, then use a tbsp of oil.

Cook fairly slowly so they become soft and translucent.

Crush the garlic and add to the pan with the pepper.

Cook until the pepper starts to soften.

Step 4: Add Some Flavour

Add the chilli, cumin and paprika.

You could also add some mixed herbs at this stage.

Give a good stir then add the meat back to the pan.

Stir well then add the tomatoes, stock and tomato puree.

Simmer for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Add the Rest

Rinse and drain the kidney beans and add to the chilli with the chocolate.

Add more water if needed.

Simmer for at least another 10 minutes.

At this point the chilli is ready to serve as you wish, however the flavour improves if you cook for longer. I tend to simmer mine for almost an hour.

It tastes even better reheated the next day. It can also be frozen.

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