Introduction: Family Fun Puzzle

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Family Fun Puzzle is an idea based on having a great family time for all age groups. This family fun Puzzle is a simple mapping of the rooms in the house to the items that typically belong to that room. From a very small child to old grand parents everyone could easily participate. No special skills required. Easy build, easy play. Loads of fun, laughter and many possibilities. Have a family fun time with this puzzle. Hope you enjoy!


1. Card paper of 2 colors

2. Ruler

3. Pen or Markers

4. Scissors

Step 1: Create the Puzzle

Mark a total of 25 squares (2 in X 2 in) on the yellow card board. Cut these squares. Write the list of rooms in Column A in yellow. Refer image 1. On the orange cardboard draw and cut 25 squares (1 in X 1 in). Write all the items as shown in the orange in Column B. Refer image 1. By now you should have a set of 25 Yellow 'Room' (refer image 2) cards and 25 Orange 'Item' cards as shown in image 3. A total of 50 playing cards.

Step 2: Grab a Partner or More Family Members

With the hot summer keeping us home all the time, it's a good idea to have a partner or more than one players to play this fun game. Shuffle the Yellow 'Room' Cards and place it on the table or board by having the blank side facing upwards and then flipping it over to place them down. In your second try shuffle the orange cards and repeat the same by placing these 'Item' cards over the 'Rooms' cards. Refer images 1 & 2. Note down points if the 'Room' has the right 'Item' as shown in image 3. Every correct answer deserves 1 point. Add all the points and check the scores. More than the winning scores, the fun part is when you have a 'Car' in the 'Kitchen' and 'Door Bell' in the patio. Enjoy and have some fun!

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