Introduction: Fancy Applique - Faux Feathered Boa

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In this instructable I'll show you how to make this embellishment, it looks like a feathered boa, but this one is machine washable. Add it to a simple top to transform it into a fancy one.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

A simple top

1 yard of thin sheer fabric (chiffon)

Thread (that matches the fabric's color)



A cardstock template with the shapes shown in the picture

A candle

Step 2: Fold

Cut a long rectangle of fabric that´s 1dy x 4in. Fold your fabric in half, then fold it on half again but now through the long side.

Step 3: Cut

Pin the template into the fabric, make sure the flat part of the template is on the side where all the fabric is folded.
Fold the fabric as shown in the picture so that by cutting only one time, you cut several layers of fabric. It's like making paper doll chains.

Step 4: Burn the Edges

Now lit the candle. Hold the edge of the fabric close to the flame, this will seal the edges to avoid fraying.
Depending on the thickness and material of the fabric you would need to hold it closer to the flame and longer. Because my fabric is very thin, I have to be fast. Make sure you hold it close to the blue part of the flame or it will burn and stain the fabric.

This step is time consuming but so worth it.

Step 5: Seam

With long stitches, seam though the middle. Pull the thread to make the gathering. It's going to be like a ruffle.

Step 6: Sew

Finally sew it in your top. I added it to the sleeves. I made three pieces like these and sew them together to make one longer for the neck.

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