Introduction: Fancy Shoe Clips

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If you like shoes as much as I do, here´s a good way to make them fancier. With these shoe clips you can transform your shoes easily, and as they attach to your shoe without any adhesive, you can take them out and use them in a different pair. Try them on flats, high heels and even boots (if your boots have a strap you can put the clip there)

Maybe you´ve seen this clips at the shoe store, they are very expensive ($25-30). But you can buy online just the clip and with few dollars make your own. It's fun, budget friendly and will make an awesome gift for a shoe lover.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials



Blank shoe clips



A cardstock shape

Thick polypropylene plastic. I bough mine at a craft shop, but you can use a plastic disposable container.


Pen or marker

Step 2: Cut

Cut the plastic the shape you want. Mine is an oval. To make this step easier you can draw the shape on a paper first, cut it, then use it as a stencil to draw it in the plastic and cut the plastic.

Step 3: Cover With Fabric

Cut a rectangle of fabric larger than the oval. Sew the fabric so that it takes the shape of the oval.

It´s easier if you sew two opposite sides first.

Step 4: Sew

Sew the beads on the side without seams. Put as many or as little as you like. I like mine with different sizes of beads.

Step 5: Attach It

Make two identical pieces. Finally sew the metallic clip to the embellishments.

Step 6: Put Them on a Shoe

Good job, now you have a pair of beaded shoe clips.

To attach them to your shoes just lift the small metalic piece of the clip, place it where you want and close it back. They are strong enough to comfortably wear them all day long, and easy to take out and use them on a different shoe. And they won´t even leave a mark on your shoes!

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