Introduction: Fanny Pack

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In this Instructable I show you how to make a fanny pack from scratch.

The Tool and Materials I used:

Step 1: Check Out My Quick Video Tutorial!

In this video I show you how I made my Fanny Pack from some old denim.

Along with the video you can follow the (easy) steps below :-)

Youtube Video

Step 2: Cut Out the Fabric

  • Get your materials.
  • Draw the shape of the pack to the jeans. (it depends a bit on the size you like to have. I used my zipper as a reference, 46cm wide).
  • Cut it out.

Step 3: Place the Zipper

  • Draw a line at the place where you would like to have the zipper.
  • Cut the line, so you have 2 pieces now.
  • Sew back together the 2 pieces, this is just a temporary stitch, we will open it up later when the zipper is installed.
  • Fold down the seam so the surface is flat
  • Place the zipper in the middle of the seam
  • Sew the zipper in place
  • Open up the temporary stitch (I used a seam ripper)

Now your zipper is ready.

Step 4: Close the Pack

  • Close the pack by sewing the open seam
  • Turn the pack the right side out.

Step 5: Make the Straps

  • Cut out 2 strips, about 6 cm or 2,5 inch wide. (so the result after sewing will be about 2,5 cm or 1")
  • Sew 2 tunnels (inside out)
  • turn the right side out
  • Sew them onto the sides of the pack
  • Attach the buckles

Step 6: Done

Done, and ready to wear.

Thank you for checking out my Instructable ;-)

Please also check out my youtube channel